Green skills boot camp webinar

Delivered by Work Ealing and Work Hounslow. 
Author: Work Ealing and Work Hounslow
Date: 23/08/2023
Location: Online


This is a four-week experience with a mixture of learning and practical work experience with a green employer. You will find out about tree planting and aftercare, park maintenance, developing, infrastructure, and working with ecologists. 

The fourth week is for practical work experience that culminates in a guaranteed interview with one of our green employers. Additionally, Ealing residents could become eligible for a free intensive driving course. 

By watching this webinar, you can find out how the Green skills boot camp works, if the boot camp meets your interests in gaining green skills and see employers who will be interviewing for jobs with their organisations. Enjoy!

GreenSkills Bootcamp Webinar 20230822 110615 Meeting Recording - YouTube